Landscapes Gallery

I love painting natural landscapes. They represent all the different emotions I go through during my day-to-day life.

When I paint a landscape, I root myself in the present moment and find harmony and peace within every brush stroke.

The subjects of my paintings are places where one can be alone; retreats found in natural landscapes – fields, forests and skies; places where trees, waters and clouds play together. I want to share that serenity and peace I find in them. I want to express that special moment of tranquility in each of my paintings so that it becomes part of the viewer’s own experience.

I often add a bench to my pieces; my touch of mystery and curiosity jostling the realism of my subjects. It’s also my way of romanticising my emotional state at that very specific moment of creativity. The works with the benches and their stories are my unique and special signature collection.

Photographic inspired landscapes painting gives me that creative boost to tap into my right side of the brain. Images become my palette of colours and my intuition shape into forms, lighting and movement.

What keeps my heart awake is colorful silence

― Claude Monet

In my dream

In my dream, between reality and the imagined

Beyond the dream

Beyond the dream where hope grows. SOLD


“Nothing but stillness can remain when hearts are full” – William Butler Yeats

I was waiting for you!

Winter getaway

Listening to the silence of winter

Forest enchantment

In the depth of the forest, listening to the sound of autumnal melancholy, my soul is stirred and my dreams flow!

My autumn landscape

Autumn is my favourite season for its warm colours and soft melancholy in the air.

The tree of quotes II

Wisdom in the lines of the tree

The tree of quotes I

Wisdom in the lines of the tree

Rain in my dream

And the rain comes washing clean, the summer of my dreams.