Floral Gallery

I always thought painting nature and landscapes were my only subjects of choice.

A couple of years ago I wanted to paint something special for two great women in my life; my mother Rose, and my mother-in-law Hilde (deceased). I painted pink roses for my mother inspired by her name, and hydrangeas for Hilde, her favourite flowers. Painting these flowers provided for me and inner calm, a personal and emotional connection. That is when my appreciation for painting flowers began to take root.

My preferred flowers are roses, hydrangeas and poppies. Their natural beauty inspires me to paint them.

I love their endless and abundance of vivid hues, multiple degrees of intensity and how their delicate forms, soft textures and complexities of their petals appear on my canvases. I enjoy painting them in a realistic style using photographs which I select when they speak to me. I work in oil by building layers of paint using soft brushworks to capture that depth and sharpness of colours. I then finish with a glaze to achieve a glow while bringing each flower to life on its canvas.

The earth laughs in flowers

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love in hydrangeas

Love told by hydrangeas.

Happy poppy

Sunshine in the flower!

Rose at dusk


Inner beauty

“Something with inner beauty will live forever like the scent of a rose” – Alex Flinn. SOLD

The rose, beautifully unrestrained

“Their beauty unrestrained, their splendor completely unveiled” – Oyekake Satty Joshua. Jury award “Coup de Cœur” and Peoples’ Choice award, AHA Exhibition April 2024. Not for sale.

The Rose

She reveals herself to blossom.

Poppy, prince of fields

The poppy is a flower that I love so much and reminds me of my dear sister Nicole. In the beautiful language of flowers, the poppy would embody a frail ardour, beauty and consolation. The poppy is a sun and its petals are beautifully soft. The poppy is subtle and fragile. It lives on love and freedom.

Beautiful resilience

Inspired by a photograph I took of my rosebush during the first days of winter. No matter what elements I may face, I stand strong, proud and beautiful ! To all the special and resilient women in my life. – SOLD